STEUBENVILLE, OHIO (WTRF) — A U.S. Congressman made a visit Tuesday to one local business to discuss some important topics that could help local small businesses.

Congressman Bill Johnson, representing the 6th Congressional District of Ohio visited Scaffidi’s Restaurant in Steubenville Tuesday to hear ideas on privacy and anti-trust laws. 

Scaffidi’s operates their local restaurant while also preparing products that they sell nationwide.

One of the bigger discussions at the meeting was on a potential national privacy law that would help the restaurant when selling products out of state.

At the meeting, the CEO and managers of Scaffidi’s discussed ways to better utilize ecommerce to sell their products across state lines.

The CEO of Scaffidi’s shared how a national privacy law would help. 

”In terms of our directed consumer shipping we operate mainly through a third party that handles all of that for us. But, however if we had a national privacy law that our technology vendors could easily adhere to, then that would allow us to do direct ecommerce through our own websites, through our own methods at the end of the day.”

Frankie Dicarlantonio – CEO of Scaffidi’s Restaurant

The Connected Commerce Council out of Washington D.C. works with 18,000 small businesses throughout the country with one being Scaffidis to train them on digital technology to help grow their businesses. 

The council also helps them meet with legislators to discuss legislation and bills that could help their business and their consumers as they did today with Congressman Johnson.