WHEELING, W.Va. — (WTRF) Utica Energy Alliance of Columbus is hoping that what they put on paper will send a strong message to Ohio’s delegation.

The organization calls itself a unified voice for landowners, businesses, community leaders and allies of the shale industry.

Utica sent a letter to the legislators earlier this month in an effort to continue the ongoing discussion about American energy.

Utica Energy Alliance spokesperson Adrienne Robbins says their hope is to be a resource for Ohio’s delegation in Washington, D.C..

Robbins says we need critical infrastructure, policies that support the natural gas industry to ramp up production and, she says, we need to change the narrative around the industry itself.

Natural gas is never against renewables, but we do want to see policies that support domestic energy. If you look within the letter, we actually cited several studies and statistics that really show natural gas is going the way of clean reliable energy. Something that America really needs right now.

Adrienne Robbins, Utica Energy Alliance

Robbins says the energy we need is right under our feet.

According to Robbins, if Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania were a country, they would be the third largest natural gas producer in the world.