Vaccine hesitancy is a public health problem, according to Ohio County Health Department Administrator Howard Gamble.

He says some parents are hesitating to get their children vaccinated against childhood diseases.

Gamble says MMR vaccine has done a good job at preventing measles, mumps and rubella, to the point where those diseases were almost eliminated.

But in his words, misinformation emerged that led people to distrust vaccines.

He says people listened to rumors, rather than asking their doctor or health department.

” But the routine vaccines for diphtheria, pertussis, measles, mumps, polio, we can still see those diseases and they can still come into the United States to a community and cause dramatic harm. Including death. And they do. They still cause death all across the globe.”

Howard Gamble, Ohio County Health Department Administrator

Gamble says health officials are now seeing continuous spikes in those diseases. He says the risk of getting them is very real.

Gamble says vaccines against childhood diseases are available, they are recommended and they have a definite public benefit.