Washington D.C. (WTRF) – This past Thursday, President Joe Biden gave a speech arguing that America should send money to Israel for their war with Hamas, while continuing to send more money to Ukraine.

Ohio Senator JD Vance has been vocally against sending any more money to the Ukrainians, but he supports the funds for Israel. Vance argues that the two situations are quite different.

He says that Israel is asking for 6 to 8 billion dollars to respond to a terrorist attack, while Ukraine is asking for approximately 60 billion dollars after already having received 150 billion since the war with Russia began.

Vance says that bundling these two issues together makes it difficult to have an honest debate.

“Israel is very popular in the United States right now, the Ukraine conflict is not. So what is Washington trying to do? It’s trying to combine the popular thing with the unpopular thing, to force the unpopular thing through. That is politics at its very worst. It’s not leadership. If Joe Biden wants us to support Ukraine indefinitely, he shouldn’t use our friends in Israel as political cover. It’s insulting to them.”

Sen. JD Vance, R-OH

Vance thinks President Biden should make his case for funding Israel and Ukraine individually.