Fans of “Wheel of Fortune” may be in for a surprise at the absence of fan favorite Vanna White.

The New York Post recently reported that White will miss a few upcoming episodes as she allegedly continues her contract allegations.

White is reported to have contracted COVID-19 in late July during the filming of Teachers Week, prompting producers to ask “Teacher of the Year” recipient Bridgette Donald-Blue to replace White for a week’s worth of episodes.

The New York Post reports that this is White’s first absence in nearly 30 years, and also coincides with her contract negation to receive her first raise in 18 years.

Rumors are swirling that White is making half of what long time host Pat Sajak makes, and has hired attorney Bryan Freedman in order for her to return to the show.

Sajack is set to retire in 2024, and Ryan Seacrest has been named as his successor.

An interview that White gave Esquire recently surfaced, where White claimed to “work harder” than Sajak. She said that she had walked thousands of miles in heels to do her job.