Reports say employees from one of the largest drugstore chains plan to walk out on Monday.

According to CNN, an organizer told the news outlet that Walgreens is not giving patients safe care on a daily basis and employees demand change.

The report says the pharmacists are taking on too many responsibilities, which include providing vaccines.

“I spend almost all of my day in the shot room, and if I’m not in the shot room, I’m filling prescriptions because we’re so behind,” a worker told CNN.

The walkout is expected to last for 3 days, October 9-11, though an organizer told CNN that some might just walk out for one day.

Expected to walk out are pharmacists, technicians, and support staff.

CNN expects about 500 of the 9,000 stores are expected to participate.

There are a handful of Walgreens in the Ohio Valley: Benwood, Moundsville, Wheeling, Bellaire, Yorkville, Wellsburg, Steubenville, and Follansbee.

7News has reached out to Walgreens for a comment but has yet to receive