Connecticut’s Office of Inspector General has released footage showing an October 5 incident in which a woman fired a gun inside the lobby of Bristol Police Department.

In a release accompanying the footage, the woman was identified as Suzanne Laprise, aged 51. She allegedly entered the lobby of the Bristol Police Department at 131 North Main Street.

“[Laprise] approached the front lobby desk office windows and banged on the windows with a handgun,” the release said. “The front lobby desk was unoccupied at that time.

“After banging on the windows, Laprise fired multiple rounds into the windows. The rounds did not penetrate the bullet-resistant glass.”

Police said officers tried to start a dialogue with the Laprise, during which she shot at them.

“Officer Spencer Boisvert then returned fire, firing two shots,” the statement said.

The station’s bullet-resistant glass stopped all bullets fired.

NBC Connecticut cited court documents as saying “before the shooting Laprise went to a bar on North Main Street where she had a drink and a shot around 9:45 pm.

“While there, the court documents said she told a woman outside of the bar that she had a gun on her and was going to go to the police department to tell them to kill her or she would shoot them,” NBC reported.

Police said Laprise was charged with a number of offences: Criminal Attempt/Murder with Special Circumstance, Illegal Discharge of Firearm, Illegal carry of firearms under the influence of drug/alcohol, Criminal use of Weapon, Violation of Pistol Permit Requirements, Illegal Possession of Large Capacity Magazine, Criminal Mischief 1st Degree, Reckless Endangerment 1st Degree, and Breach of Peace 2nd Degree.