WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – A definite step in the right direction.

That’s what Bishop Mark E. Brennan of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston called the recent abortion bill passed by the West Virginia Legislature.

However, he also said only the first step and there is more work to do.

In a letter sent to parishioners, the Bishop said the new law offers much greater protection for unborn children, but more needs to be done to support mothers before and after they give birth. He called on the state to play a larger role by funding programs directed toward helping young families with child care expenses. It could include paid maternity leave and greater support for adoption services.

We have restricted significantly the availability of abortion in West Virginia. Good. It preserves the lives of unborn children. It is also going to save some women the trauma of having gone through abortion later catching up with them causing such trauma in their life. But, moving forward, lets provide more support to pregnant women and young families that can raise their children. They and their children can flourish together.

Bishop Mark E. Brennan, Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston

Bishop Brennen also supports more church-sponsored programs like ” Mary’s Refuge” from St Joseph’s Church in Martinsburg. They have renovated a former convent to provide a place for pregnant women with no other place to go.