WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – While West Virginia Governor Jim Justice was in Wheeling on Friday to break ground for the Streetscape Project, he also met with people in Center Market to discuss Amendment 2.

That Amendment proposes that 27% of West Virginia’s personal property taxes would be controlled by the state legislature. That would allow the Legislature to eliminate property taxes on business machinery, equipment and inventory.

On Election Day, voters can vote for or against it.

Governor Justice urged West Virginians to vote the amendment down.

If I were to say to you ‘give me your wallet, give me all your money out of your wallet, and give me all the money that continues to come to your wallet and what I’m going to do as a politician in Charleston, I’m going to promise to give it back’. At the end of the day if that promise isn’t fulfilled then things get hurt really bad. I believe that local control is the best. Our people know the right thing to do.

Governor Jim Justice

He also expressed concerns as to what losing that money would do to schools, EMS and first responders and other local programs.

West Virginia Governor says Charleston doesn’t know the Ohio Valley exists in regards to personal property tax

The West Virginia Center for Budget and Policy estimated that $190 million in public school funding could be in jeopardy if Amendment 2 passes, which Governor Justice also said concerned him.

People don’t understand what they’re about to vote for and that’s dangerous.

Governor Jim Justice

The Governor said he feels that Amendment 2 will benefit big corporations.

The West Virginia Manufacturer’s Association said it is for the amendment because it helps with development and would spur on economic growth.

When asked about it, the Governor said there’s no guarantee that people will come. He said not one business has told him they will come if they get rid of the inventory and machinery tax in the Mountain State.

It will not help the working families and we’re having no problem what so ever recruiting and bringing businesses to West Virginia today.

Governor Jim Justice

7News asked Governor Justice if there was a plan to make up this money if Amendment 2 passes. He said no. So, we then asked if he could ever reach a compromise on the amendment if there was a plan? The Governor answered saying this would make it impossible to get rid of the personal income tax, which has been a goal of his administration.

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