We’re expected to learn the verdict for one of the biggest trials in West Virginia History next week.

Teva Pharmaceutical and Allergan are being accused of flooding the state with opioid pills in a major lawsuit.

Janssen Pharmaceutical was also named in the suit. 

The prosecutors and defendants have rested the case for now.

So far, the state has reached a 99 million dollar settlement with Janssen.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is accusing the pharmaceutical manufacturers of allegedly misleading the public with false marketing.

Morrisey believes they’ve misled healthcare providers and consumers.

And says the pharmaceutical companies and others involved in the supply chain are to blame for the opioid crisis.

“We believe and we’ve alleged in trial, and I think there is evidence to prove that there was a consistent and longstanding effort to mislead more and more consumers and healthcare professionals. This got massive numbers of West Virginians addicted,” says Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

Morrisey says the closing arguments are next week and that this case will now rest in the court’s hands.

The trial should be over by Wednesday.