Clean up crews are receiving some much needed help as several members of the West Virginia National Guard have arrived on scene to assist with their efforts.

Nearly five days after dangerous storms ripped through the area, downed trees and debris continue to cause problems throughout Ohio County.

This is despite round-the-clock efforts to clear roads and power lines.

Ohio County Commission President Randy Wharton says they are also being assisted by a number of community organizations including the West Virginia Southern Baptist Men’s Organization .

“The longer customers are inconvenienced by lack of electricity, access to their houses, fortunately we have been able to keep water and sewer running, so that is not a problem. The sooner the debris can be cleared from the lines and the electric company can get in there and restore power, that will put everyone back to normal”

Randy Wharton, President, Ohio County Commission

Members of the Guard were deployed to the area after Governor Jim Justice declared Ohio County a disaster area on Tuesday .