The main difference in going back to college is that for many students, this is a completely new chapter in their lives – filled with excitement, uncertainty, and anticipation. 

President, Daniel Mosser, says that at West Virginia Northern Community College, enrollment numbers are up ten percent compared to last year. 

They are also excited to show off some of the construction and improvements that have been made on campus, as well as the addition of new programs. 

He wants to give advice and relief to incoming students who may be feeling those back-to-school jitters now that August is finally here. 

“College has its own language, its own culture, and a student coming into that fresh has to learn all that and navigate all that and we have new staff here through some of the grant programs that we’ve participated in, in order to provide success coaches for the first time. We have four success coaches – some on each of our campuses – in order to work directly with students, identify what they’re facing in their lives, and how to help them overcome those things.”

Daniel Mosser, President, West Virginia Northern Community College

President Mosser is excited to finally have a semester where COVID is not hanging over them the way it has been in the past. 

Registration is still open for West Virginia Northern Community College and classes begin on August 29th.