HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – A West Virginia teen will spend 80-years behind bars for two murders.

Connor Crowe plead guilty to two charges of second-degree murder after he killed his mother and sister.

Crowe was sentenced to the maximum of 40-years for each count. Those sentences are to be served consecutively.

Crowe was 13-years-old when he killed his mother and sister in their Weirton home.

He was tried as an adult.

Numerous people gave testimony, including family members.

Judge Jason Cuomo addressed Crowe before his sentencing, taking into account that Crowe had planned the murders and an alibi.

“You’re asking this court for something less than the maximum so that you can make something of yourself. That’s what you’re asking. That’s what you have said in the file. Your sister would of graduated high school I think about a week or two ago. She’ll never get that opportunity. She’ll never get to go to college. She’ll never get to walk down the aisle and get married and have kids of her own. You took that from her. You gave her no opportunity to make something of herself but you’re asking me to do that to you.” 

Judge Jason Cuomo

“It’s my duty to protect the public and keep everybody safe and the most effective way to do that was for him to be sentenced to the maximum amount. And I’m satisfied the judge saw it the same way.”

Steven Dragisich, Hancock County Prosecutor

The now 16-year-old and will remain at a juvenile center.

When Crowe turns 18, there will be another hearing to determine which adult facility he will go to.