WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Whether you are a car guru yourself, or just looking for a fun activity on this hot, summer day, the Wheeling Heritage Port Car Show is going to “rev” you up for this Fourth of July Weekend. 

Today, the 19th Annual Wheeling Heritage Port Car Show had members of the community ‘zooming’ in to see no two cars alike.  

From 11 to 4, car owners and car lovers came to Heritage Port where cars of various years, makes, and models lined the waterway. 

To keep cars like these in pristine condition for shows like this, vintage car owner, George Deem, says that it’s a family job.  

“The car itself will go to generations and generations. It’s according to when the last generation gives up on it” 

George Deem – Vintage Car Owner

Just as cars do, families go through generations and Ed Beck, the owner of this 1963 corvette, says that this cycle is what keeps him and his 10 other vintage cars going full speed ahead. 

“I’ve got seven grandchildren and I’d kind of like to see them all see what the old cars were like back in the day. I like bringing mine so the younger generation can see what the older cars looked like.” 

Ed Beck – 1963 Corvette Owner

Each car has its own story and shows like this one can be like walking through a history book. 

People travel from all over to show and see cars – but Chico Dalesio – the owner of this red 1998 355 GTS F1 Ferrari – emphasizes what the community means to him most of all. 

“I have a lot of cars and I pick different cars and I try to bring a different car to each show. I think it’s a nice way to get out and there’s a lot of older guys that have cars and have restored them, and car shows are getting to be very popular and for us old timers, you know, we have something to do.” 

Chico Dalesio – 1998 Ferrari Owner

No matter who you are, there is fun to be found outside of (or even behind) the wheel.