Smyrna, TN (WTRF) – A Wheeling native is about to represent West Virginia in the national Best Warrior Competition in Tennessee.

Sergeant Jefferson Gwynn won both the state and regional competitions, and now he’s about to go head to head against some of the best soldiers from across the country serving in the National Guard. He joined the National Guard right before graduation, and serves with the 119th Sapper Company out of Moundsville.

The competition will test the soldiers in a wide variety of tasks, including shooting multiple weapons systems under stress, physical fitness, navigation, medical, and even an event re-creating scenarios faced by Medal of Honor recipients called the “Valor Run.”

“I definitely want to give the 119th Sapper Company a shout out because I wouldn’t be here without them. I have a lot of friends there and a lot of leadership there that have gotten me to the point where I’m at now. I’m representing West Virginia but I’m definitely representing the 119th Sapper Company as well.”

Sgt. Jefferson Gwynn, 119th Sapper Company

The Best Warrior Competition begins Friday night, with opening ceremonies and the first events taking place on the 24th.

After he’s done, Sgt. Gwynn will be getting ready to begin his senior year at WVU this fall.