WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)– A new apartment complex four stories tall is going to be in the heart of downtown Wheeling. 

This big project got underway today with a name that is becoming quite familiar in our area. 

This is where the new complex is going to be, on Main Street right smack in the downtown area.  

On Wednesday officials gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony.   

The 46-unit four level housing complex is estimated to be done by mid-2023.  

The facility has been named after the late Doris Ann Ingold Woda, a local businesswoman who was played a key role in the development of Woda Cooper Companies, Inc in 1990. 

Her son Jeffery Woda says for a fresh addition to the community, there isn’t a more fitting name.  

My mom was always a person who took care of her neighbor, cared about her neighbors, wanted to help people better their lives.

We are hoping with these great apartments that we are going to have here at the great homes for the people, that we can continue that legacy and something that she would be very proud of if she was still with us today.

Jeffrey J. Woda, Woda Cooper Companies inc.

This high-quality housing is said to be the start of a new era, one that is filled with people, business, and happiness.  

Mayor Glenn Elliot says between 1982 and 2016 there were no new buildings built in downtown Wheeling.  

This is the third new downtown Wheeling building in over thirty years so it’s exciting to see this progress. Where it is situated right on a gateway into downtown when you come off the Fort Henry Bridge, you only get one chance to make a first impression for visitors and tourists and they’re going to see a brand-new building here where for many years a really ugly parking lot has sat.

Mayor Glenn Elliot, The City of Wheeling

He says this project fits perfectly in with what he is trying to do and says this is one step closer to redeveloping the area and getting people to plant their roots right in downtown.  

We are never going to see the big box stores of the Kaufmann’s and the Gimbles. We are not going to see that come back to downtown anytime soon. But we can see a lot of mom-and-pop retail and restaurants and bars and other activities but the way those make more economic sense for investors is to have people living downtown who are going to take advantage of them on a regular basis

Mayor Glenn Elliot, The City of Wheeling

The Doris on Main has been primarily financed by PNC Bank, who supplied more than $6 million towards the development and will be complete by Woda Construction inc.