OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF): As we move through the month of May, the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra continues their Festival of Ideas.

The festival features a variety of events intended to highlight the ways in which music and politics have intersected over the years.

Tonight’s event at the Scottish Rite Cathedral featured a panel discussion with some of Wheeling’s cultural leaders including Rabbi Joshua Lief, Ron Scott Jr., Antoine Clark and symphony director John Devlin.

“Throughout this Festival of Ideas we’ve been analyzing the lives and intersection with politics of their time with three composers. The American composer Florence Price, the Russian composer Dimitri Shostakovich, and the German composer Richard Wagner. So tonight we have a huge culminating event where all of the people that are involved in this project are meeting together.”

John Devlin, Music Director for the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra

Devlin says they’ve been working on this event for 18 months, and he’s thrilled to finally begin.

In addition to tonight’s event, the Wheeling Symphony also unveiled the details for their upcoming season.