WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — November is National Veterans and Military Families Month, and one local organization provides many services for veterans and their families throughout the year.

The Vet Center’s main service that they provide is assisting veterans who suffer from PTSD in various forms. 

The center works with individuals to help them feel comfortable in their daily lives when dealing with past traumatic experiences.

In addition, the center hosts various support groups, dinners, picnics, and much more for veterans and their families to attend.

The Center also provides resources such as the SFVF program that the VA sponsors where they pay agencies to take of veterans that are homeless.

The director of the Vet Center, John Looney shared the process and purpose of helping veterans in the community.

”We work with the individual and we’ll work with their family so that they can feel more comfortable with their experience. When someone goes through a trauma like life threatening trauma and that trauma stays with them, the rest of their life. So, the important thing to do is to find out how to live with it.”

John Looney – Director, Vet Center Outreach Program

Looney says having the Vet Center is helpful because veterans used to have to drive all the way to Pittsburgh to receive services and now it is much more community-oriented.

Any veteran who is in need of services can contact the vet center at 304-232-0587 and they will answer any questions or can point you in the direction of another agency who can help.