WHEELING W.Va. (WTRF)–Juneteenth, or Freedom Day is being celebrated across America this weekend.  

The celebration originates back to 1865, when the news that the civil war ended and that enslaved were free.  

This marks the second year since the holiday was federally recognized.  

However, people have celebrated it for generations. 

Hundreds of community members gathered to celebrate the 3rd year in the Friendly City. 

Jerry Moore II, President of the Belmont County NAACP spoke at the celebration.  

He says we must learn from our past to move towards a better future. 

We are always reminded that slavery existed. That this is a part of not just black people’s history but it’s American history… Our complex issue is dealing with our differences.

We have a problem with dealing with things of people that look like me versus someone who doesn’t look like me. For us to come together for our future what we need to do is come together. We need to work together.

Jerry Moore II, President of the Belmont County NAACP

The ceremony was held at the end of the Plaza on Market  

This location was picked because the space was once used as a slave action block.  

But today commemorates the end of slavery in American.  

Mayor Glen Elliot also spoke. He said, ‘A lot of progress has been made in this country on the question of race since the 1860s, but we are so far from the finish line.’  

Following the ceremony, everyone enjoyed music, entertainment, and delicious food.