OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – The City of Wheeling’s Public Safety Committee is looking to adopt a zero tolerance policy for dilapidated properties in the Friendly City.

Today they voted to request a one million dollar budget from the City for demolition of those properties. They are also looking at stricter fines for property owners who have repeated code enforcement violations.

Committee Chairman Ben Seidler says there are currently ninety-nine properties on the demolition list across the city. He says these are properties that are beyond reasonable repair and need to come down.

“Dilapidated buildings are a huge problem in the City. They bring crime. They bring blight. They lower the quality of life of residents in the neighborhood and they are a public safety issue. I mean, they catch fire. They tend to take other buildings with them or put other buildings at risk and put the lives of our first responders at risk and they destroy the quality of our neighborhoods.”

Ben Seidler, Chairman, Public Safety Committee

Seidler says that the goal of these efforts are not punishment, rather they are just looking to raise the quality of life for the residents in the area.

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