Whether you stick with the classics or go “Full Griswold,” everyone celebrates Christmas in their own unique way

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(WTRF) – We all love celebrating the holidays this time of year, but one of the most interesting things about this season is just how many different ways people find to celebrate. It seems everyone’s family has their own unique spin on honoring Christmas.

There’s no time of the year quite like Christmas, and for some there’s no limit on how far they’ll go to celebrate. Everyone likes decorations, but few people can top a German couple, who put up 444 Christmas trees in their home. Some men just want that good, old fashioned family Christmas, like a California man who recreated the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation house, complete with Cousin Eddy and 25 thousand imported Italian Twinkle lights. In a true tribute to Clark W. Griswold, Jr, the lights don’t even twinkle.

But you don’t need to go Full Griswold to march to the beat of your own drummerboy. Maybe your family puts on a show, like the family of WTRF reporter Ashley Kaiser.

“One of the fun things we did as a family is all the kinds would kind of, prep and prepare a program, and we’d put on a little concert. So every year as we got closer to the holiday we’d practice songs, or you know, holiday jingles in the piano, the flute, or my brother would even cite the Night Before Christmas.”

Ashley Kaiser, WTRF Reporter

If holiday concerts aren’t your thing, maybe special food dishes put you in the holiday spirit like they do for 7NEWS anchor Kathryn Ghion.

“So this is a tradition that I married into, it’s my husband’s family on his mother’s side, do what’s called “Wigilia,” which is a traditional, Polish Christmas Eve.”

Kathryn Ghion, 7NEWS Anchor

Wigilia is a meatless dinner, featuring dishes like perogies and fish, along with some stranger culinary fare.

“We have noodles mixed with cottage cheese mixed in them, which I thought would be a very odd combination but it’s my favorite dish of the meal.”

Kathryn Ghion, 7NEWS Anchor

And then there’s my family. My very Catholic grandma had 10 kids, and now there are over 30 grandkids. But with so many of us, taking those holiday photos is a lengthy tradition, to say the least. On the plus side, we’ve managed to cut our annual holiday family fights in half over the years. A true Christmas miracle.

But regardless of how you celebrate, have a very, Merry Christmas.

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