OHIO COUTNY W.Va. – (WTRF) Waking up to a gloomy cloudy sky is common here in Ohio Valley and a city not too far from us has been ranked among the nation’s top cloudiest cities.  

You may recall that our Chief Meteorologist Zach Petey, mentioning Pittsburgh, receives about 203 cloudy days per year. 

Why is our sky 56% of the year filled with clouds?  

Zach spoke with Meteorologist Matthew Kramar with the Pittsburgh National Weather Service.

Together they got to bottom of how the Steel city’s cloudy days can impact the Friendly city’s weather.  

November to March it’s just incredibly cloud here.

Everyone gets vitamin D deficiency for a few months and then the sun comes out in the spring, and it is like winter didn’t happen.

The common denominator between the pacific northwest and here is our proximity to a body of water. The reason it’s in the wintertime in particular is that the wind tends to be more frequently out of the northwest air during the wintertime.

Matthew Kramar, Meteorologist, Pittsburgh National Weather Service 

There are many factors that play a role in creating our stubborn clouds, however Kramar says the cold air that hits our Great Lakes picks up moister and then finds its way to us.  

So, if you are feeling a little gray this winter, it’s probably due to the countless cloudy days we experience but don’t worry before you know it, we’ll have clear skis and warm weather.