WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – In Ohio County, Woodsdale Elementary School has been giving back to the furry friends in our community in a big way. 

Over the last month, students have been collecting items to donate to the Ohio County Animal Shelter

The members of Student Council reached out to the shelter to see just what they needed, and started a drive right at the school where students could bring supplies to help them out. 

After each homeroom was given a presentation to understand where their items were going, they say donations immediately fled in. 

As a reward for their charitable efforts, the Ohio County Animal Shelter brought some four-legged friends to pay the students a visit and say thank you directly. 

”Everywhere we go, they love the pets and everywhere we go, Peterson, all the different schools, the City County Building, the courthouse – when we leave, everyone is smiling. It’s kind of the kids’ payday when we bring the animals.”

Nelson Croft – Manager, Ohio County Animal Shelter

”It’s just a wonderful way to show how community affair projects and to show the kids that there is so much more than just what’s happening within their home and withing their school and their community.”

Brandy Laflam – 3rd Grade Teacher, Woodsdale Elementary School

The students raised enough to fill two truck-fulls of various supplies, cleaning products, food, toys and monetary donations for the Ohio County Animal Shelter.

Nelson Croft from the Ohio County Animal Shelter says they are just about full with dogs right now and need all the supplies they can get.