WHEELING, W.Va (WTRF) – For the past 70 years, WTRF has been working for you. Keeping you up to date with the most reliable local news, and weather. During that time, many young journalists have started their careers right here in Wheeling, and then went on to become broadcast legends.  

Some notable WTRF Hall of Fame journalists are Brenda Danehart, our news director, and former employees Steve Mazure and Mark Davis.  

It’s hard to think of 7News and not think of Brenda Danehart. Brenda has worked for WTRF for over 40 years and has made a positive impact on the lives of many journalists and community members she has interacted with over the years.  

From producing, reporting, anchoring telethon hosting and news directing, her experience in news earned her an unforgettable honor.  

“I was very honored when my name was placed up for the nomination. And I was really honored when I found out that the president of our company, Perry Sook, was also being inducted the very same year in the West Virginia Broadcasting Hall of Fame. So, it’s an honor that I’ll never forget and holds a special place in my heart.” 

Brenda Danehart | WTRF-7 News Director

Brenda says her 42 years at the station have been wonderful, and shares what she’s most proud of.  

“My staff is fabulous, and my reporters and anchors are the best that there are in the business. But I think what I’m most proud of is this television station’s devotion to the community.” 

Brenda Danehart | WTRF-7 News Director

Brenda also mentioned two gentlemen and 7News legends that preceded her… Steve Mazure and Mark Davis.  

Steve Mazure was a long-time news anchor at 7News, and everyone who knew him say he was a fantastic journalist, mentor and friend.  

“He very quickly became a friend. I remember him telling me once, I used to get really nervous on live shots, and he would say, Stace, just tell people what you know. Quit trying to stick to the script. You know what’s going on behind you. Just tell the community what you know. And so, I took a lot of his advice and I put it into action. And I really think that he helped shape my growth at the station.” 

Stacy Bishop | Former WTRF Anchor/Reporter

Mark Davis, another unforgettable 7News Hall of Famer, was known for his incredible anchoring and reporting skills. But he also had a sense of humor.

“I’m running the newsroom one day and he calls me, ‘Howard, Howard. Aides are running rampant in our senior citizens’ homes.’ I thought, Oh, my Lord. And I sent our live truck to get ready. And I called reporters over and I said, we’re going to get the whole thing. So now, Mark, tell us the details. What have you learned? He said, ‘yes, at the senior citizens homes here in the Ohio Valley, they have hearing aids and mobility aids and visual aids. I was punked by Mark Davis.” 

Howard Monroe | WKKX Talk Show Host

Steve and Mark were both recognized for their commitment to the Ohio Valley and were inducted into the West Virginia Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2012. 

One aspect of our news reporting we are proud of here at WTRF is our commitment to the community and making positive impacts on the lives of people throughout the Ohio Valley.  

We hope by staying true to this commitment, we can continue to report and work for you for generations to come.