Feeling stressed in the workplace? Researchers suggest a drop (or two) of essential oils can help improve your mood at work.

Marni Reven, Aromatherapist & Registered Nurse, WVU Medicine, tested her “aroma-theory” on nurses working in WVU Medicine’s Cancer Center this passed summer.

During the months of May and June, the nurses wore a citrus oil patch on their name badge, wafting good smells through the air as they ruled out their their work day.

Reven shared the results from her experiment during a lecture at the Ohio County Public Library on Saturday.

“The nurses comments were things like ‘this is refreshing. It made me feel happier. It helped me with my stress.’ We have a lot of good stories but how do you get the evidence so the medical community can start taking it seriously and use it with their patients?,” said Reven.

Reven plans on widening her wellness research.