WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — A national panel that includes West Virginia Northern Community College President Dr. Daniel Mosser released a list of priorities intended to be included in an economic recovery plan. 

The Infrastructure Recovery Panel is, a 21-member group, made of of business and labor leaders, as well as educators and training providers from across the country. 

They are calling for a one hundred billion dollar investment in skills training in President Biden’s American Jobs Plan. 

Mosser says it’s those types of investments that drive the local economy.

” When you train local people and you hire local people, their employment taxes, their income taxes and so forth are pied into local coffers. They shop in the local supermarkets, they buy prescription medication in the local drug story and that money gets reinvested over and over again in the local economy.”

Dr. Daniel Mosser, President WVNCC

Panelists have been meeting with federal officials over the past month before releasing their recommendations. In addition to calling for specific investments in workforce training and development ,they also outlined proposals for job creation.