TEMS Joint Ambulance District is ramping up awareness of car seat safety.

Officials say their Ohio Buckles Buckeyes Program gives out car seats to those with income eligibility.

For those who don’t qualify, a local business stepped in to help.

Toni Moreland State Farm partnered up with TEMS through a grant program for those who don’t meet the requirements for the Ohio Based Program.

Officials say keeping kids safe if their main priority, and if the car seat isn’t installed properly it can’t absorb the force correctly from a car crash.

TEMS Captain Jeremiah Lucas explains it like a egg toss.

“If you left your hand flat and the egg hit it breaks. If you cup your hand and drop it a little bit it generally did not break the egg. The car seat is designed to take that energy away as you drop your hand to catch the egg so the car seat itself will absorb the energy and not the child.”

Capt. Jeremiah Lucas – TEMS Joint Ambulance District Ohio Buckles Buckeyes Coordinator Jefferson County

“We have car seats on hand if you show up for the car seat safety and you don’t necessarily qualify for the income-based program we have car seats on hand for anybody so that way nobody really gets turned away. We’re just really happy to have it in our area and hopefully we can get more families, get the word out that way we can have more families take advantage of this program.”

Toni Moreland – Owner Toni Moreland State Farm

They remind people to check the expiration date on the car seat and to never buy a used one.

More details on child seat safety can be found here.

For the program you can call TEMS at 740-537-3891.