(WTRF) – Covered roadways, sliding on ice, salting everything; it’s the time for all those things because winter is here. 

While snow isn’t in the forecast quiet yet, it will be before we know it. When the flakes come down, crews hit the roads to keep them safe. 

At ODOT, they’re prepared.

All equipment went through a 150-point inspection and crews are stocked with 800,000 tons of salt, but more than anything they need your help when the weather gets bad. 

The best thing you can do to help us out when it’s snowing is to just stay off the roads, but we realize that some people do have to travel. If you do, just pad in some time so you’re not driving faster than conditions allow. 

Matt Bruning, ODOT Press Secretary

Also give the crews room to work. 

Last year ODOT said their plows were hit more than 60 times while out treating the roads. 

This year it’s already happened once.

Even when the roadways look good, if they’re pre-treating or they’re out there doing some cleanup, they’re gonna be driving slower than traffic. Make sure you’re giving them room to work.

Matt Bruning, ODOT Press Secretary

While many people get frustrated when the roads aren’t clear quickly after it starts snowing, ODOT explained there’s a reason for that. They have a system. 

While the snow is still falling, the goal for the road is to be passable, not perfect. 

Crews will be out and we’ll be working hard to keep the roads open for emergency traffic. You’re probably not going to see bare pavement, but you will be able to drive just at a much lower speed.

Matt Bruning, ODOT Press Secretary

Once the snow stops it’ll be full speed ahead shortly. 

Our goal is to get our primary routes back up to speed within two hours of the end of a snow event and we actually hit that goal 99% of the time last winter.

Matt Bruning, ODOT Press Secretary

ODOT is also hiring for both seasonal and full-time positions this winter. They have some new programs to help drivers get the correct licenses. 

If you’d like to apply visit transportation.ohio.gov/jobs.