BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — The official Thanksgiving holiday weekend reporting period for the Ohio State Highway Patrol begins next week.

They say this season–now through January–historically sees the highest number of fatal accidents. More people are expected to hit the roads this year for the holiday.

Just remember there’s going to be a lot more people on the highways traveling from and to their loved ones’ houses. So we ask that you plan out your route so you avoid any unnecessary delays, whether it be road construction or any other thing that’s going on, on the roadway. We also ask you to obey the traffic laws. Make sure you get there safely. We want you to make it to your loved ones’ destination.

Sgt. Brian Hawkins, Assistant Post Manager, OSHP St. Clairsville

And as always, they say if you’ve been drinking, be sure you have a designated driver.