YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – During the summer months, there are more people riding motorcycles out on the roads, and something as small as lawn clippings can be very dangerous for motorcycle drivers.

“This time of the year, when people are out mowing their grass, and if they do happen to spread that stuff out on the roadways, it’s just as slippery as ice for motorcyclists,” said Brad Bucey, OSP Canfield Post Commander.

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Bucey says grass clippings as well as wet leaves in the fall can be very dangerous to the riders.

Gravel can also be very dangerous, especially when businesses or residential homes have gravel driveways.

It’s important to keep the roadways clear of it. Motorcycle drivers also need to be careful.

“Motorcyclists really need to pay attention with their situations, especially gravel and turns, so on and so forth, that tends to float its way into the turn. When you’re on that lean and gong into that turn, that’s when it gets very slippery due to the stones,” said Larry Wilson, sales management of the Youngstown Harley Davidson.

OSP and Harley Davidson Youngstown say it is crucial to keep lawn clippings out of the street. If you mow the lawn, be sure to bag it up or dispose of them. The lawn clippings could cause a bad accident for people on the road.

“Lawn clippings… don’t push them into the road, please. It’s very dangerous for motorcyclists,” Wilson said.

A car may be able to drive over lawn clippings, but OSP says there is a big difference between tires on a car and those on a motorcycle.

“A car’s tires are a lot wider than what a motorcycle would have on them,” Bucey said. “So, it’s going to take a bump a lot worse.”