Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – What starts off as three months of sunny, carefree days off from classes….

School’s ending, vacations are starting, travel is going to be increasing.

Lt. Josh Sanders, Wheeling Police Department

Can end in tragedy after one mistake in a vehicle.

The 100 Deadliest Days begin this Monday, when the country sees an average of seven deaths per day from teen-related accidents.

So police in the northern panhandle, along with nearby Ohio and Pennsylvania officers, teamed up in Wheeling to commit to a click it or ticket initiative.

They see all kinds of bad driving behaviors, especially during the season when we all like to roll the windows down and relax.

As they mentioned earlier, even just warm weather, people like to get out and go for a drive, we all do, right? But at the same point, there’s more traffic.

Trooper Rocco Gagliardi, Pennsylvania State police

Those behaviors include ones that are notorious among young drivers.

AAA names three in particular that you can set an example against when you’re behind the wheel.
The first one is fairly obvious: speeding.

New driving students don’t often have a sense of how quickly they’re moving without looking at the speedometer.

Next are distractions, which play a part in 60 percent of teen crashes—so put the phone down.

The final one is not buckling up—officers say they can’t stress enough how that simple restraint makes the risk for injury or death plummet.

It doesn’t really matter which day of the week it is, any wrong turn, high speed, not looking at traffic or emergency vehicles, those all play factors in safe driving.

Trooper Rocco Gagliardi, Pennsylvania State police

It’s natural to have worries about your high schooler hitting the road by themselves, especially when they’re inside a 4000-pound steel machine.

But with a little caution and modeling of good behaviors, it can be freedom for them, and relief for you.

It’s such a serious issue that AAA even has a specific website for teenagers on the road during their break.

Teendriving.AAA.com will get you started on how to be an in-car coach for your kids.