(WTRF) – They aren’t common, but they’re deadly. 

100 wrong-way crashes have killed 13-people so far this year in Ohio and ODOT is actively working to lower that number.

They’ve tried to target the problem by putting up wrong-way signs and special reflectors that turn red if you’re driving the wrong way on the state’s highways. 

If you drive the wrong way, every reflector that you see on the pavement is going to come back red. We’ve also put red reflectors on some of the guard rails to catch your attention.

Matt Bruning, ODOT Press Secretary

ODOT is also installing special detectors with flashing lights in large cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton that will quickly alert law enforcement to a wrong-way driver. 

Even with all that prevention, there’s one thing ODOT said they can’t account for. It’s preventable and only you can stop it. 

All of the engineering solutions that ODOT can put out there on the roadway can be quickly be subverted by a driver who is completely impaired and doesn’t know who they are or what they’re doing and has no business being behind the wheel. So, when it comes to stopping wrong-way drivers really that’s in the hands of the driver. 

Matt Bruning, ODOT Press Secretary

Bruning explained that wrong-way crashes are typically at night and involve an impaired driver. He said if you’re driving at night, take precautions, like driving in the right lane so it’s easier to exit if you see a wrong-way driver. 

We are taking it very seriously. We’re doing everything in our power as an engineering agency, but the one thing we can’t control is driver behavior so we really need people to pay attention and drive sober.

Matt Bruning, ODOT Press Secretary

Also, call #677 or 911 to report any wrong-way or dangerous driver.

ODOT calculated their wrong-way crashes on freeways that are divided highways. They said that while the number of wrong-way crashes is up this year, fatalities are down. These crashes tend to be about 40% more deadly than any other type of crash.