TYLER COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – The transition back to the classroom has already begun for Tyler County Schools. 

Teachers returned earlier this week, and are busy preparing for what will be a school year unlike any other. 

Tyler County’s re-entry team; which was made up of teachers, administrators, custodians, parents and many more people who are involved in education; has been working for months on their plan.

We’re looking at education in a whole new way. 

Shane Highley, Tyler County Schools Superintendent

To help with the transition, Tyler County Schools are bringing back students with a staggered re-entry on September 8th and 10th

Courtesy: Tyler County Schools

There’s a lot of new rules and regulations that our kids need to learn, so we thought with less kids there we could utilize our staff more to help learn those new routines throughout the day. There’s arrows in the hallways. There’s bubbles in the cafeteria, so they have to learn all those new concepts.

Shane Highley, Tyler County Schools Superintendent

Then students will be attending class in-person the majority of the week. 

We’re going to be doing a four-day model with the fifth day as a remote learning day. So, we’ll be doing Monday, Tuesday off Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Shane Highley, Tyler County Schools Superintendent

To help with the changes, Tyler County Schools made videos for students to watch before they arrive. They cover masks, social distancing, new bus procedures and changes in the lunch room. 

We’re gonna be eating in our classrooms with some grade levels. We’re going to be eating at different places throughout the building, so it’s not gonna be everyone’s in the cafeteria eating at the same time. Kids like that because that’s a time to socialize, but right now we just can’t do that. 

Shane Highley, Tyler County Schools Superintendent

Middle and high school students will see shields on their desks, but each classroom layout has been left up to the teacher.  

If they feel comfortable with moving desks and keeping kids socially distance, maybe teaching more from the front of the classroom than going around the classroom, but really we’ve just tried to take each individual teacher’s their comfort level and make their classroom that way.  

Shane Highley, Tyler County Schools Superintendent

In doing so, the school district also makes sure the students can still enjoy their year. 

Really we’re just trying to make it as safe as possible, but keep it as normal as possible also. 

Shane Highley, Tyler County Schools Superintendent

Superintendent HIghley said he knows it’s a lot of changes for the students, so he and all the administrators and teachers will try to set a good example.

We just have to be the model. Even if you don’t always believe everything that’s going on or agree with everything that’s going on, but we have to live it in order for our kids to be in school. That’s the main thing, we want kids to be in school and get the education they need and the social services they need.

Shane Highley, Tyler County Schools Superintendent

More details about Tyler County Schools’ reopening plan can be found on the school district’s website.