Esperanza Diaz of Cincinnati won the final $1,000,000 drawing and Sydney Daum of Brecksville, Cuyahoga County were the final Vaxamillion winners.

Wednesday is the last Ohio Vaxamillion vaccine lottery drawing.

The drawing will air at 7:29 PM.

You can watch the drawing winner announcements for the $1 million prize and full-ride scholarship right here in the player above or on WTRF.COM and 7News Facebook page.

Week four had Suzanne Ward from Findlay in Hancock County being chosen as the $1 million winner, while Sean Horning from Cincinnati was the scholarship winner.

In week three, Mark Cline, of Richwood in Union County, was the winner of the $1 million prize, while Aara Afaneh, of Sheffield Lake, won the four-year, all-expenses-paid scholarship.

In week two, Jonathan Carlyle from Toledo in Lucas County won the second $1 million prize and Zoie Vincent from Mayfield Village in Cuyahoga County won the second student full-ride scholarship including four years of tuition, books, and room and board at an Ohio public university or college.

The first week of Vaxamillion had Abbigail Bugenske, of Silverton, win the first $1 million in the Vax-a-Million contest and Joseph Costello, of Englewood, won the four-year scholarship to an Ohio college of his choice.