WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)–This challenge started back in 2019 and this year returned to the Friendly City for Round 2.  

The Tough as Nails Urban Challenge pushes runners to their absolute limits, all while they cruise through the best parts of Wheeling.  

WTRF’s very own anchor Kathryn Ghion teamed up with her husband and brother-in-law.

Kathryn Ghion is Tough as Nails.

7News caught up with her before the start to learn why she decided to participate.  

So in 2019, when WTRF sponsored an obstacle, I was at the obstacle and I remember watching everybody and thinking, oh, they’re having such a good time. We’ll do it next year. While COVID made that unfortunately impossible.

So now that it came back, I was like, oh, we have to sign up and do it. And then I dragged my semi-reluctant husband along with me. But he’s a good sport.  I think we’re gonna have to work together. He’s definitely the muscle behind the operation and I unfortunately am short. So, sometimes I might need a little leg up.

Kathryn Ghion, 7News Anchor

Chip Reid called the start of the race.

In several heats, runners took off from Market Street.

Obstacles consisted of stairs, hills, walls, hurdles, and more.  

6 miles and 20 obstacles. That’s what it takes to prove that you are tough as nails.

The sunny warm weather may have played a difficult role in the race.  

Many people are running in teams to really help motivate each other to get through it. 

Community members stood at each obstacle, cheering the competitors on.  

It was a long journey but as runners crossed the finish line, they were overwelled with happiness and celebrated their victory.  

Sarah Shepherd ran with a team of friends because she says doing it together makes it fun.  

Although she says it wasn’t easy.  

The rope climb was the most challenging obstacle. I love the course. I love this course. It is so cool how it takes you through Wheeling.

The vibe changes throughout the whole six miles. I just really love it. They do a really great job at organizing this race.

Sarah Shepherd, New Martinsville 

Hundreds of people signed up to participate in this race.

That in itself takes some guts but to run it and complete it successfully that’ll make you tough as nails.