WASHINGTON (WTRF) – Congressman Bill Johnson says it’s time to eliminate the urban-rural digital divide.

He introduced a bill aimed at creating better broadband access to all areas of the nation.

He says it focuses on eliminating some of the barriers, and streamlining the permitting process to expedite the expansion of broadband.

Johnson says if there was one silver lining in the cloud of the COVID-19 shutdown, it was that every policy maker–from local to national–suddenly realized the need for internet access.

We’ve got children who are trying to distance learn to get their education. We’ve got thousands and thousands of people who are trying to work remotely in order to get their work done.

And of course we’ve got telehealth concerns. There are people who can’t get out, who don’t want to expose themselves to potential COVID infection, who need to consult with their physician.


Johnson said he hopes for bipartisan support for the measure.

He said no matter which side of the aisle you’re on, you surely know the need for broadband internet access for work, school and health.