WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Spontaneous adventures can bring many thrills but it will only cause headaches for travelers going on vacation.

Even though the calendars recently turned 2020, the experts at Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel say this is the best time to begin planning your trip.

Planning ahead can lead to many perks that you may not enjoy by waiting until the “last minute.”

Pricing goes up, the closer to travel dates.

Bill Bryson, Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel

Depending on your destination, many travelers are able to spot good bargains on all-inclusive hotels and resorts.

All inclusives are some of the most popular vacations this year. We’re lucky we have direct charter flights. So, it makes it a lot more convenient to jump into your vacation you start enjoying right away.

Katelin Francis, Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel

Another popular and surprisingly cheap option when booking early is spending your vacation on the water.

And cruise pricing is getting a lot aggressive lately. So, that means a lot more people are booking. So, the reason to book early is to help take advantage of those offers, such as free beverage package, on board excursions, on board credit.

Jennifer Elias, Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel

Many believe a travel agent would be more costly but the experts say that is far from the truth.

You’re not gonna pay more to use a travel agent. And in the long run, we’re going to save you money and we’re going to save you time.

Bill Bryson, Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel

If that didn’t convince you, just read the latest health statistics.

Experts say vacation makes you healthier, lowers risk of depression, relieves stress, enhances creativity and most importantly, boosts happiness!

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