OHIO COUNTY (WTRF) If you’re heading out for Christmas Shopping at the Highlands, the Ohio County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind you to slow down and drive with caution. 

Sheriff Tom Howard says they have increased their patrol to ensure everyone is safe this holiday. He says many more people will be out and the intersection near Cabela’s is often a problem area.

Things happen so we just make sure we have extra patrols and try to control, slow traffic down. I originally realized the traffic flipper was very slow speed, it’s 35 mph max.

If you’re in the lot, you shouldn’t be going very fast at all people are going to cut in front of you and everything. So, just the presence alone of seeing a Sheriff’s cruiser up there has the tendency to slow people down. Just making an awareness and we just really want them to be aware we’re up there and we’re up there to protect people.

Sheriff Tom Howard, Ohio County 

Howard says officers will be patrolling the roads and parking lots throughout the day and night. Their goal is to keep everyone safe.