CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) – The blame game continues in West Virginia over who is at fault for the state’s poor road conditions. Just two weeks ago, when Governor Jim Justice unveiled $30 million in new highway equipment, he blamed former Governor Joe Manchin for selling off state maintenance vehicles.

“Well it’s not a swipe, it’s just fact. Without any question, and this man can tell you better than I. But Joe Manchin sold the equipment. I mean he did,” said Gov. Jim Justice, (R-West Virginia).

The feud is more than about roads. Manchin helped Justice get elected as a Democrat, only to have him switch to the Republican party seven months after taking office. Manchin now echos a common criticism, saying Justice is rarely at the Capitol.

“I would just say, Mr. Governor do your job. Go to work every day, do your job and I think people will be happy in West Virginia, to make sure you have a plan that works. We do not have to hire outside consultants to fix West Virginia roads,” said Sen. Joe Manchin, (D-West Virginia).

The condition of the state’s secondary roads has now become a huge issue, with at least four counties declaring a state of emergency.

As for whether Senator Manchin will get in the governor’s race and potentially take on Governor Justice remains to be seen. Manchin says he will make his announcement sometime after Labor Day.