(7 Day Forecast)

Monday: Starting off the week with lots of fog across the region.  Once this fog dissipates, we will see the sunshine making its way back across the Ohio Valley with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies.  It will be warmer with a high of 85 degrees and quite humid as well. Late tonight we could see a few rain showers/storms moving back into the forecast, but we will likely see showers overnight. Calm winds.

Tuesday: Some showers with possible storms will start off the morning and last until about lunchtime. This could move off to our East more which would greatly lower our showers in the area.  We will also see some fog across the area tomorrow morning again. After that we should start to see the sun making its way back into the forecast for the afternoon/evening.  High of 89 degrees.

Wednesday:  Another foggy start to the morning before the sun starts to make its way back into the forecast.  We maintain a chance for some spotty showers in the second half of the day. Today will be very hot and humid with a high of 94 degrees.

Thursday:  Partly cloudy with some showers and storms popping back into the forecast, mainly in the afternoon/evening.  High of 92.

Friday:  Mostly sunny, high of 83.

Saturday:  Sunny, high of 74.

Sunday:  Mostly sunny, high of 75.

-WTRF StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Aaron Myler