(7 Day Forecast)

Tuesday: Starting off cloudy with a bit of rain in the forecast but that will taper off early in the morning as you’re heading out the door.  We should start to see some sunshine as we get into the afternoon.  High of 70.

Wednesday:  Scattered rain showers are possible through the day but mainly in the afternoon.   Some of us are a 1/5 risk for severe weather in the form of gusty winds.  We could see wind gusts up to ~25mph.  High of 73.

Thursday:  A few showers will be leftover for the start to the day but those will taper off in the early morning.  Then the clouds should start to break as we go through the day.  High of 62.

Friday:  Partly cloudy, high of 65.

Saturday:  Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers.  High of 60.

Easter Sunday:  Starting off with some sun with clouds building in through the day.  High of 55.

Monday: Mostly cloudy with showers.  high of 53.

-WTRF StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Aaron Myler