Wheeling, W. VA (WTRF) – The common concern for farmers and gardeners as we head through April: “When will it no longer frost so our plants don’t die?” Well, it mainly depends on the upper-level air pattern as well as where does our wind come from.

A general estimate for that question is towards the end of April for most of Eastern Ohio and The Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. The exact date range is April 16th to April 30th on average.

Average date ranges for the last nights with temps at 32 degrees or below.

The keyword there is on average. The National Weather Service works with local farmers and the states department of agriculture to determine when the growing season can be declared and when to issue the weather headlines when temperatures could approach that critical value.

Crops growing.

Although fluctuations happen, the long term patterns suggests warmer than average weather across West Virginia and Ohio into early May, but there could be brief spells of cool air returning.

The StormTracker7 Weather Team will keep you updated and informed about ongoing temperature patterns and when we will near the 32 degree threshold.