We ended the weekend with sunshine and warming temperatures, and that’s exactly where we picked up yesterday as we began a new week. Things starting off a little cloudy for our day today, but the next couple of days still look very promising.

Tuesday: Mostly Cloudy to start your Tuesday, but will will see skies clearing throughout the day. So by the time we make it to dinner time, we will be back to sunny skies. Otherwise partly Cloudy for our day today with high temperatures in the mid to low 60’s.

Wednesday: Sunshine returns in full force for the middle of the week. Sunny skies for your day on Wednesday with our high temperatures finally back up to average. Expect to see highs temperatures right around 70 degrees.

Thursday: Skies back to Partly Cloudy for our Thursday, but we will still see a lot of Sunshine throughout the day. Expect to see high temperatures once again right around 70 degrees, but most areas will sit in the upper 60’s.

Friday: Things a little more gloomy for our Friday. But we have to have a bad day or 2 to have a bunch of great days. Mostly Cloudy for our day on Friday. A couple spotty showers are possible. High temperatures will be sitting in the upper 50’s.

Saturday: Sunshine returns for the weekend. Mostly Sunny for our Saturday with high temperatures in the mid 50’s.

Sunday: Sunshine continues for the second half of the weekend. Sunny skies for our day on Sunday. High temperatures will be right around 60 degrees with most areas sitting in the upper 50’s.

Monday: Sunshine continues for a new week as well as warming temperatures. Mostly Sunny skies for our day on Monday with high temperatures sitting in the low 60’s.

-StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Adam Feick