7-Day Forecast:  

TONIGHT: The dominant features across the Ohio Valley today: cloud cover and cold air. It was grey and cloudy from start to finish for the region today as we are stuck in a much colder air-mass. Temperatures were chilly to start the morning and we never saw much in the way of a warm up. Daytime highs were in the mid to upper 30s with winds being somewhat problematic, gusting as high as 30 mph. This means there was a wind chill factor to deal with today. A few instances of light flurries were also present today, but this did not lead to any form of accumulation. We will stay with grey skies this evening with hit or miss flurries possible. Tonight, staying cloudy with a stray snow shower or two possible. There could be a light coating of snow on the high grassy areas and car windshields tomorrow morning. Overnight lows will be in the upper 20s with a westerly wind blowing around 5-10 mph. This means there will be a wind chill factor to deal with for the morning commute.

THURSDAY: Colder air will reign supreme with a better chance for snow flurries through the morning hours. This will not lead to any major accumulations, if anything a coating on the cars and high grassy areas is possible. A lingering flurry or two cannot be ruled out for the afternoon. Temperature wise, we will stay in the mid to upper 30s. Winds could also be a bit breezy, meaning there will be a wind chill factor to account for. Wind gusts of 30 mph are possible with sustained winds from the west around 10-15.

FRIDAY: Mainly cloudy with colder air likely being the major talking point. Temperature will likely range in the mid to low 30s. It will be cold if you have any Friday night football left for the area. Stay bundled up if you are heading out to the Christmas parade in Wheeling Friday night! Friday night into Saturday morning, temperatures will fall into the lower 20s to upper teens.

SATURDAY: Patchy clouds early but colder as we head into the weekend. Daytime highs will sit below the freezing mark. Stay bundled up if you have any outdoor activities to attend. We could see a bit of sunshine for the afternoon.

SUNDAY: Sunshine will return to the forecast with broad high pressure overhead, but this will not help out the thermometers to increase at all. We will trend colder than average once again with temps in the lower 30s to upper 20s.

MONDAY: Mainly sunny once again with temperatures staying colder than average, maxing out in the upper 30s to low 40s. High pressure will likely stay in control through early next week.  

TUESDAY: Mostly sunny with temperatures expected back in the mid to upper 40s. This will be a nice change in pace as we approach turkey day!

WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy skies with temperatures approaching the 50-degree mark. Cannot foreshadow for the holiday just yet, tune back in tomorrow with an early turkey day preview!  

-WTRF StormTracker7 Chief Meteorologist Zach Petey