(7 Day Forecast)

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with winds calming down through the morning.  High of 32.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with some rain showers in the afternoon, then rain/snow showers in the evening, and eventually light snow showers overnight.  The rain/snow showers are looking like they’ll mainly be concentrated in our southern counties, but snow showers could reach everyone in the OV. Warmest day of the week with a high of 42.

Thursday:  Mostly cloudy, high of 22.

Friday:  Starting off very cold and only warming up to 20 degrees.  Clouds are looking like they will clear through the day and eventually give us some sunshine.

Saturday:  Starting off even colder with a high in the day of 26.  Starting off sunny with clouds building in later in the day.

Sunday:  Mostly cloudy with a chance of flurries.  High of 30.

Monday: Mostly cloudy, high of 27.

-WTRF StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Aaron Myler