Following a wet and gloomy day for our Thursday, we are seeing mainly dry conditions to begin our Feel Good Friday, but with cloudy and chilly conditions.

Friday: Mostly Cloudy skies for our Feel Good Friday. Some sunshine is possible thanks to some clearing this morning and early afternoon. However we wont stay sunny for long. Clouds will start to roll back in before dinner, leading to cloudy skies and some possible flurries this evening.

Saturday: Mostly Cloudy skies yet again. High temperatures will be in the mid 30’s with A couple flurries are possible. A brief snow shower early tomorrow morning is not out of the picture. Don’t expect much in the way of accumulation, just a dusting to a coat. Nothing you’ll need to shovel, but you might have to brush off your car if your heading out early Saturday morning.

Sundays: Clouds and cooling temperatures continue for the second half of the weekend. Mostly Cloudy skies for our day on Sunday, a few flurries are possible. Expect to see our high temperatures right around 30 degree.

Monday: Slightly warming temperatures and some sunshine as we begin a new week. Partly Cloudy skies for our day on Monday. At this time expect to see a 50/50 of clouds and sunshine. High temperatures will be in the mid 30’s.

Tuesday: Mix of clouds and sun continues for our Tuesday. Partly Cloudy skies yet again with some sun and some clouds. High temperatures will be right around 40 degrees.

Wednesday: Clouds and sun again, but now with temperatures decreasing. Partly Cloudy skies once again. But now seeing more clouds than sunshine. our high temperatures will be in the mid 30’s.

Thursday: As we inch closer to Christmas, we have the chance to see our next system rolling on through. Our high temperatures will be in the low 30’s. We have a chance to see some snow showers mainly for the second half of the day on Thursday into Friday. At this time it is still too early to tell how much snow we will see, but the StormTracker 7 weather team will continue to keep their eyes on this system and will provide updates throughout the weekend and next week.

-StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Adam Feick