We saw things pretty gloomy for our Halloween yesterday, with cloudy skies showers and some drizzle. We unfortunately continue some of that for our day today. At least we will be keeping our temperatures on the mild side, a couple degrees above average in the low 60’s.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy and a bit gloomy for our day today. We will continue to see some drizzle across the area, but at least we are free from the moderate to heavy rain. Some sunshine is possible, mainly for the late afternoon and early evening hours as we see the cloud cover starting to thin on out. We will see some fog start to develop this evening as well. Starting around 11pm in spots, with the thickest fog 4-8am all across the Ohio Valley.

Wednesday: Starting off the morning foggy, dense in some spots. So make sure to give your self some extra time tomorrow to get your kids into school and get your self into work. We’ll see that fog starting to lift around 10-11am and will be free of those gloomy low hanging clouds by the time we make it to lunch. All that we will be left with is some high cirrus clouds. So expect to see plenty of sunshine for the afternoon and evening hours tomorrow. High temperatures will be in the upper 60’s, with a spot or two possibly hitting 70 degrees.

Thursday: Beautiful day for your Thursday. Sunshine returns for the day, maybe a little bit of fog in the morning. Otherwise sunny skies with our high temperatures right around 70 degrees.

Friday: Mostly sunny to partly cloudy for your Feel Good Friday. We’ll start off the morning with some sunshine, then will see some thin high clouds rolling in throughout the day. Thin enough to still see your shadow and allowing the sun to poke on through. Our high temperatures will be in the low 70’s.

Saturday: Continuing with the warm and above average temperatures, but we start to lose a lot of the sunshine. High temperatures in the mid to low 70’s, with thickening cloud cover throughout the day.

Sunday: Cloud cover continues to thicken but we keep our temperatures warm and well above average. High temperatures will be in the mid to low 70’s, with some showers possible for afternoon and evening hours.

Monday: A couple spotty showers possible for the early morning hours. Otherwise mostly sunny skies with high temperatures in the low 70’s.

-StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Adam Feick