It was a mix of conditions for most of your Friday. Some areas seeing clouds for much of the day and some seeing plenty of sunshine throughout the day. We did have some showers and thunderstorms roll through but that activity is out of the area for the evening.

Saturday: Partly Cloudy skies for the first half of your day tomorrow. With sunshine developing for the afternoon. High temperatures will be in the lower 80’s.

Sunday: Mostly sunny for your Sunday. Things will feel pretty hot and sticky with high temperatures in the upper 80’s.

Monday: Partly cloudy to begin the week. Dew points will remain in the lower 70’s so things will continue to feel hot and sticky. High temperatures in the upper 80’s.

Tuesday: Showers and thunderstorms on and off likely for your Tuesday. Temperatures and humidty dropping. Expect to see highs in the lower 80’s.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny and seasonal for the middle of the week. High temperatures right around 80 degrees with dew points back into the mid and lower 50’s.

Thursday: Partly Cloudy for your Thursday and the first day of September, with high temperatures dropping below normal down into the mid 70’s.

Friday: Mostly Sunny skies for your Feel Good Friday. High temperatures will remain in the mid 70’s.

-StormTracker Meteorologist Adam Feick