Well what was a very pleasant warm and sunny day yesterday is quickly changing to cloudy and chilly weather yet again!

Thursday: We start of our Thursday with some morning fog. Once the sun comes on up and the fog lifts a bit we will see just a little bit of sunshine, but things will cloud over quickly. SO by the time we make it to the late morning we start seeing the clouds roll on in. So by lunch time expect mostly cloudy skies. Howevere we will see things clear on out a bit. By the time dinner rolls around we will actually see that cloud cover move on out leading to mostly clear skies for the evening. Otherwise mostly cloudy for our day today with temperatures remaining in the upper 60’s.

Friday: Our Feel Good Friday isnt looking too great…Mostly cloudy skies return for our day tomorrow. A spotty shower as well cannot be ruled out. Most areas will remain dry though, but if we see anything it will just be some sprinkles and a light drizzle or mist. Otherwise mostly cloudy skies with our high temperatures dropping to the mid 50’s thanks to an advancing cold front.

Saturday: The sunshine returns as we head on into the week, but things will remain on the cool side. Mid to upper 50’s here in Wheeling, but expect to see mostly sunny skies. So while things might not feel great, at least it will look great!

Sunday: Sunshine continues for the second half of the weekend and we see temperatures continuing to rise. Right around 60 degrees will be our high on Sunday, with plenty of sunshine under sunny skies.

Monday: As we begin a new week we see two nice patterns continuing. We will see the sunshine hanging around and we will also see our temperatures on the rise again. Mostly sunny skies for our day on Monday with our high temperatures in the mid 60’s.

Tuesday: More sunshine for our day on Tuesday. Mostly Sunny skies with just a few more clouds than on Monday. Expect to see our high temperatures sitting in the upper 60’s, with even a few areas possibly pushing into the lower 70’s.

Wednesday: The sunshine goes away for Wednesday, but we will keep things warm. Temperatures in the mid 60’s for the middle of the week. Skies will be mostly Cloudy and we will start to see some showers roll in late Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

-StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Adam Feick