Wheeling, W. VA (WTRF) – April 6th, 2022 is known as know you safe place day through the National Weather Service and its Weather-Ready Nation Ambassadors. For many, it is important to know ahead of time where to shelter for particular weather events.

You can also post a picture of yourself in the safe space and add #SafePlaceSelfie to your social media platforms.

One of the most important actions you can do, is identify where your safe locations are in your home, work environment, and school. Knowing where to go ahead of time, will reduce the hesitation and ensure good decision making to avoid each weather event.

Here is a list from the National Weather Service that best characartizes where to go:

Hazards and where to stay safe. Credit: NOAA

Looking more in depth at tornado shelters

It is important to surround yourself with the most wall space and get away from windows during this event. Debris can become lofted and blow through windows. If you can, get to the lowest level of your home or apartment and shelter in place.

Surround yourself with as much wall space as possible.

Even the 7News Team got in on the fun for today! Chief Meteorologist Zach Petey, Anchor Kathryn Ghion, and Reporter Ashley Kaiser know where to go incase of emergency, the basement of our studios.

Do you know where your Safe Place is?